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Dress code for flight attendant or flight attendant interview candidates

Recently, it became clear that those who attend interviews with a flight attendant or flight attendant, they still don’t know how to wear clothes in a manner considered by the investigators in the airline appropriate and professional. In an attempt to clarify the current confusion, I would like to offer some tips on how to upgrade to the current standards expected of a flight attendant or a flight attendant candidate.
For women applicants, nothing is acceptable but a suit or dress and jacket. Candidates will not even be able to get to the first rule if this important item is deleted-which is very unprofessional! Airline staff don’t care if you live in Florida or California where the weather is very hot and all you want to do is wear comfortable cotton pants and a lightweight blouse. Their point is that if you work in the tropics and feel wilted in your professional costume, you still have to look refreshed and polite. If you can’t spend a few hours in professional attire at a job interview, how can you maintain the image of the airline 14 hours a day? If your comfort problem with you, there are a lot of styles comfortable with jackets accepted. Air conditioning spreads in warmer climates and you should feel quite comfortable once you are in the room used for interviews.

Believe me, I saw it all during the interview sessions. I have seen women in chenille sweaters-great when you go to the mall; long dresses – it’s good to go to the symphony. I even saw people in pants with shoes and a black motorcycle jacket! You name it – you’ve seen everything! But the above, including sleeveless clothes and fashionable styles, are not acceptable clothes for meeting the hostess. Wear suitable clothing – you compete with hundreds of other applicants for these jobs, not only in your city but in other cities also. So do everything in your power to increase your chances and stay in front of others. I have spoken to recruiters who say that there are exceptions, such as a young woman who was spending time in another city, visiting a friend, when she saw an ad in a local newspaper for a friend to interview an airline that the next day. . The woman did not have clothes with her, only casual clothes, but she was so eager to attend the interview that she went anyway and explained to the interlocutor what happened together. I understand based interviewing her ordeal said, except for – but remember that this is rare and must be exceptional in every other way to get this kind of service from a recruiter! Do not take any chances-it usually does not matter how you speak; if you do not look professional, recruiters will not take you into account.

When choosing an accessory, you should:
Closed heel type.
No sandals, wedges, shoes without heels (I’ve seen that too!) Or clogs.
Color complement your clothes and finely polished, without wearing heels or fingers.
Heels and snakes form the right clothes for work.
The professional-looking bag should be in a matching color or a leather bag can be carried instead of the bag.
For both men and women, attending a job interview with a flight attendant or flight attendant is crucial. It does not matter how impeccably dressed you are; if care for you is indifferent, you will not get a second look. Women, your makeup should be in colors that match the skin tone, extremes are prohibited. A beautiful smile and a refreshing breath are important. And if you have serious skin problems or your teeth need repair, seek specialized help. People can do interviews well any other way, but when teeth are clearly offensive to look at, it can drive the interlocutor away enough to exclude them. Needless to say, your hair needs good care. If necessary, visit the hairdresser before the interview day. Hair should be:

Founded in an attractive business-like style, according to current professional standards.
Style and color will suit your facial features and skin tone.
Clean and in good condition.
If it is longer than the collar, then it should be worn in an ascending style. Should not fall forward or over the face when leaning your head forward.
Do not wash and wear, wet appearance or spiky patterns.
There are no visible roots.
There are no extreme patterns.

Hands and nails should be clean and tidy. Nails should be graceful in shape, but the same length, and should not extend more than 1/4 inch outside the finger. They must be refined to obtain a complementary shade of lipstick-red or any natural-looking color. French manicure is also a good option, transparent varnish is also acceptable, but nails should not be left bare. No chipped nails, designs on nails or extreme colors.

Keep jewelry to a minimum. It’s good that you want to wear the ring that grandma or aunt Sarah left you, but please only one for each hand. Accepts only one bracelet per hand with a professional-looking watch. Wedding rings are also allowed. For accessories, choose a simple necklace or pearl necklace. And no heavy fragrances please.

The same grooming rules apply to male flight attendants. Work shirt, tie, trousers and jacket should be worn. This can not be stressed enough! An applicant wearing a bright purple T-shirt will not be invited for the second interview! Regardless of the attempt to” stand out”, a person who wears this method will not even get a second look!

Earrings are unacceptable for men in most airlines. May come in the future, but not yet, guys. Hair should be:

The cut in a modern professional style should not be eye-catching and the back should not be longer than the top of the shirt collar. Patterns should complement the shape of the face and should not be extreme.
Sideburns should not extend beyond the lower part of the earlobe.
Mustaches are acceptable if they are neatly trimmed and should not protrude below the corners of the mouth.
Beards are unacceptable, although some airlines now allow the use of gooseberry. It is best to contact someone you know who is an employee of this airline if possible.
Hands and nails should be clean and tidy, not extend beyond the tip of the finger and rounded to follow the curve of the finger.
You can carry a leather bag.
Everyone – both men and women – should bring two copies of your resume, a letter of introduction and a professional-looking pen.

The picture, as they say, is everything. You may be representing an airline , and it is essential that you give your best. It is not difficult to achieve proper care and professional appearance if you follow these guidelines. As great as your presentation, if you can not show the right company image, you can not expect the interlocutor to take you into account for the job.

Updated: December 6, 2020 — 10:52 am

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