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What are the best skills and job prospects in the UAE for 2020?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – there are many talented individuals around the world in the UAE job market. However, if you decide to travel to work this year in the region, we must take into account a variety of elements before making a decision.

It is important to consider what most Emirati companies are looking for such as skills, academic degrees and work roles. Then targets to develop your skills so that you are more likely to find a job when you arrive.

We found that nearly two-thirds to 68% of Emirati companies plan to hire this year on the Middle East Jobs Index.

Here’s everything you might need to know about securing a job in United Arab Emirates:

Career roles and skills required in the UAE

In most Emirati companies, the demand is for start-up management (34 per cent), CEO (28 per cent) and senior manager (28 per cent), for entry-level and middle-aged jobs.

Sales executive (21%), accountant (15%) and customer service representative (11%) are among the most sought after roles in the UAE.

More than a third of respondents (34 percent) said they are looking for marketing and sales candidates, 30% are looking for management candidates, and 28% are looking for candidates with average experience.

The most requested skills were strong communication skills in Arabic and English (5%), leadership abilities (48%) and teamwork skills (47%).

The most sought-after academic qualifications for employers in the UAE, followed by academic qualifications (14%), are business administration (29%), engineering (21%), and technical qualifications (21%).

The most attractive talent market in the UAE

The United Arab states emerged as attractive sectors for talent, most notably oil and gas, energy and petrochemicals (26%), hospitality and entertainment (26%), advertising, marketing and public relations (29%), construction and real estate development. (29 per cent).

By contrast, banking and Financial Services (28 percent) and petrochemicals (26 percent) were the most attractive sectors for local talent while banking and financial services (28 percent) were the most attractive sectors for fresh graduates and advertising and marketing. And public relations (27 percent).

As for the women’s skills industry, banking and finance were the most preferred sectors for women (33%) and media, marketing and Public Relations (31%), followed by hospitality and entertainment (26%).

Updated: December 6, 2020 — 10:52 am

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