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Find a good job – what you need to know about jobs, careers and opportunities!

May be those who have been around for a while know this information already, but I can tell you that my father is stuck in a job for more than 20 years ago to understand the difference between career and job opportunity. I’ve learned from watching it, and I’m lucky for me, and I know how to find good jobs on all three levels.


A job is simply something that helps you pay the bills as you gain the skills to move into a better field or while searching for something different. I always waited for tables, for example, and became skinny whenever I found nothing in my field of study. This happens sometimes because, for good reasons be discharged or leave the company and we still have bills to pay. But these are just jobs.


When you decide that you need to find a good job, the profession is the dangerous profession in which people get stuck. My father made what was considered good money for 23 years, but he hated what he did most years. This career is not what you really want, but you can learn here, so be careful.


If you find a good job, this opportunity. My father finally returned to school and received a certificate in computers. He is now working at a company where he can use his talents and does so very well with what he’s doing. He also runs his own computer repair business and is happier than ever. This is an opportunity

Updated: December 6, 2020 — 10:52 am

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