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Overseas construction jobs – overseas jobs in the Middle East

It is a fact that the global economic crisis has affected a lot of industries, including construction, as companies in a variety of countries have been required to reduce the number of employees they employ and retain. However, some regions of the world, especially the Middle East, viable alternatives for people who are looking for […]

High-paying jobs across the Gulf

For years, skilled Indian professionals have been visiting the Bay in search of high-paying jobs. In fact, the Gulf states have almost five million Indian workers. Spread throughout the range of career options. Oil and gas, construction, hospitality, nursing and healthcare will be the most popular functional alternatives for those visiting the Gulf. Thus, the […]

Legitimate work from home jobs that you can start today

If you are currently unemployed otherwise you are simply trying to look for how to earn extra income, one of the ways you will make money is by working online. There are many legitimate business from home-based jobs available which may allow you to earn a sustainable income online. The thing is, it’s hard to […]

Top 5 job tips

If you are trying to find a new job and want to get the 5 best job tips you can do , you should pay close attention to what your potential employer tells you. If they say you’re “overqualified” or that you’re not “qualified”, you may feel discouraged about searching for a new job. You […]

Job search skills

Job search skills existed since time immemorial. In the past, the only way to get a job was to search several vacancies, fill out your resume, and wait for a good response. Other times, an experienced professional stalker calls you and miraculously gets you a job. Now, however, things have changed thanks to the modern […]

Sample answers to the Ten leading interview questions

Almost everyone had to do a job interview at least once in their lives. But not everyone knows what to answer to questions posed to them during the interview. This article offers examples of answers to the first ten questions posed by interlocutors during a job interview. But first, you have to realize that your […]

What are the best skills and job prospects in the UAE for 2020?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – there are many talented individuals around the world in the UAE job market. However, if you decide to travel to work this year in the region, we must take into account a variety of elements before making a decision. It is important to consider what most Emirati companies are […]

Tips for getting and keeping up with a second job

I will start this post with a realistic scenario from a friend of mine who has had two jobs in the last four years. In fact, the advice to get a second job and keep it are the conclusions drawn from this example. Let’s call this friend Lee James. Example James’s first job in real […]

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